A Smuggled Bride – a Story from the Rapallo Border

If you do not know where to start researching your family roots, Gens Historia is the place for you. Gens Historia is a group of experts with years of successful research projects behind us ranging from genealogy, political history, town history, history of societies, archivistics, etc. Our research skills and know-how are now at your disposal as well. We will research your family history in archiepiscopal and state archives throughout Slovenia on your behalf. We offer our services and help lawyers from all over the world to locate heirs. We will acquire notarised birth, baptism, marriage, divorce and death certificates for you. We will also provide assistance in translating documents into numerous languages. We realize that every family history research is unique in its character, our experts will therefore be led by ethnical guidelines and Family tree. will devote themselves to the fullest possible extent to research of your family or town history or history of your society. The final report will be reviewed by the whole team of Gens Historia experts in order to ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of the final document. Our team of experts is reliable and skilled and follows strict ethnical principles which have been set in order to provide our customers with expertise and quality service.

Liber Arcanus or “Book of Secrets”

In the past children born out of wedlock got a lot of attention (mostly negative). They already had been visually separated in registers from their coevals. An entry of a father’s name was often left blank, or the entire line was written all over, if they were later acknowledged. Before some p

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